Android Native SDK Release notes | 2GIS Documentation

Release notes

Release Date: 22.12.2020

  • Added Map.setStyle method that allowed set custom map style ID, that you can get at
  • Added Map.styleZoom properties
  • Added MapFragment.setup arguments style, styleZoom, defaultBackgroundColor, maxBounds

Release Date: 18.11.2020

Release Date: 16.10.2020

  • Added autoHideOSMCopyright in Map option. If true, the OSM copyright will be hidden after 5 seconds from the map initialization.

Release Date: 13.10.2020

Release Date: 01.10.2020

Release Date: 21.09.2020

  • Added Map.bounds that returns geographical bounds visible in the current map view.
  • Added ImageFactory for loading icon image from assets, resources, Bitmap or local file
  • Added onFinish callback for Directions.carRoute that allow get successful or failed result on function call
  • Added stretched image background LabelImage that can be used in LabelOptions
  • Added method for showing user geolocation – enableUserLocation disableUserLocation

Release Date: 25.07.2020