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Options for the plugin.


Settings for floors' control.


Color for the ground covering when an underground floor's plan is shown.

Settings of hovered models.

Defaults for any label group used when such options aren't specified in label group options directly.


A URL which is used for resolving of a model's relative path.


Strategies for loading and rendering of models:

  • dontWaitAll - show every model on its loading completion. In case of a realty scene it allows to download less data and show every model in the scene as soon as possible, but there will be a delay between switching floor plans if they are not loaded.
  • waitAll - show models only when all models are loaded. In case of a realty scene it leads to an increase in amount of loaded data and time of rendering scene, but it allows to avoid a delay between switching floor plans.

Draw order of plugin objects (models and labels). It may be useful when other map objects (such as markers, shapes, etc.) need to be added on the map so that user could manage draw order of the plugin and these objects.