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Релизы MapGL API

There are two ways to choose MapGL version:

  1. (recommended) major version: https://mapgl.2gis.com/api/js/v1
  2. fixed version: https://mapgl.2gis.com/api/js/v1.3.2

Major version guarantees to have stable API (breaking changes will land into the next major version). It is updated regularly with new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Fixed version does not have any updates. That's why it has a short support period of 3 months after a new version is released. We guarantee that the version will be working during the support period. The only reason to choose fixed version is when you need Subresource Integrity (SRI). Because of short support period you have to update the version regularly.

URL: https://mapgl.2gis.com/api/js/v1.3.2

SRI: sha512-tz6H4FpSamGsGRnoMOejtLQscum0RGJcVZlBtTaQBZuemD71Jz1kXvFsXhzggRXB+EprMhiFPPvBh7qDdJrzPA==

Release Date: 07.10.2020

  • Added stable fix for missing rerender (IOS 14 and other)

URL: https://mapgl.2gis.com/api/js/v1.3.1

SRI: sha512-Zqr8S1rWWTKcC4f+kqllqpahA0l7XCdPj1Hs3h/KJBUx+6bQWI4+yPuaUrmNNayFMaXG0AzjJY77Cn/873Ssgg==

Release Date: 22.09.2020

Support End Date: 07.01.2021

  • Added patch for missing rerender on IOS 14

URL: https://mapgl.2gis.com/api/js/v1.3.0

SRI: sha512-WdnLuM2CYgwD8T1sywZJPo7biUK5LWcslEDX3K3cyEU20ZHcKb4AwLEKNtBvBXC3rm/jGsgDJiklT8fe3lVHuA==

Release Date: 18.09.2020

Support End Date: 22.12.2020

URL: https://mapgl.2gis.com/api/js/v1.2.0

SRI: sha512-yAM2GHyfskeP7Cuwm6x9ljbZ8Xs7Oco7N2V7Nzje3Ue9e9BmObwkMvfH0dxHSmII9BSRz+L4HnSd1ZslyCQyJg==

Release Date: 26.08.2020

Support End Date: 18.12.2020

  • Added the new relativeAnchor and offset options to the LabelOptions. Use these options for the Label placement instead an anchor option, which is deprecated now.
  • Supported the new label placement options in the Marker object.

URL: https://mapgl.2gis.com/api/js/v1.1.0

SRI: sha512-YFDMHX7b+1Vkhlb/JHuwaIh1MFOc8JHKE3saX/xuvH63j0wyTrj2XCznVlVoMvdyMdlkSRMUmy2ZI8oCV3jFsA==

Release Date: 04.08.2020

Support End Date: 26.11.2020

URL: https://mapgl.2gis.com/api/js/v1.0.0

SRI: sha512-zR4M+gPvJrGv0H1T6hWoBfTJ5G1/lENTTx/JXmMDZFwFtqLp95JDuO2QE7iJd9SjCMfkDkXNyFtfQLRuIGckeA==

Release Date: 21.07.2020

Support End Date: 04.11.2020

There are no any release notes. This is the first release with a fixed version.

  • New option disableZoomOnScroll was added to the Map options. This option disable zoom on scroll, when a mouse cursor is above the map container.
  • New method setSelectedObjects was added to the Map. This method allows to select any object on the map.