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Root public navigator interface.

Extends: Hashable
public static func == (lhs: NavigationManager, rhs: NavigationManager) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether two values are equal.

public convenience init(
    platformContext: Context

Navigator API entry point used in the default SDK.


Navigator model intended to be displayed in the UI.

Navigates indoors.

Controls the automatic return of the map to track the geo-position marker.

Navigator map manager.

Map zoom settings during guidance mode.

Route display settings on the map.

Settings for the source used to display the route on the map.

Route guidance simulation settings.

Managing voice packets in the current navigator session.

Settings for speeding detection.

Settings for receiving and updating dynamic route data.

Settings for sound alerts in the current navigator session.

Route search settings are better in the current navigator session.

Settings for driving without a route in free roam mode.