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Release notes

What's New

  • Added support for the Protocol Buffers format. To get responses in this format, specify the response_format=protobuf parameter in the query string.

What's New

  • You can now build bicycle routes ("mode": "bicycle"). When building a bicycle route, you can exclude new types of roads using the filters parameter: stairways, overpasses, underpasses, and car roads.

What's New

  • You can now set a list of areas to avoid when building a route. See the Excluding areas section for more info.
  • You can now specify the direction of movement for the start and end point of the route. See the azimuth parameter for more info.
  • You can now build taxi routes ("mode": "taxi"). They work exactly like regular car routes, except they additionally include public transport lanes.
  • Route points now have an optional distance_direction parameter. You can use it to set the distance from the starting point in meters maintaining the direction of movement. If distance_direction is set, the response will include an additional field reliability that indicates the accuracy of the calculated route.
  • Added the type request parameter, which allows you to set a route type (shortest by time or by distance).
  • Added the filters request parameter, which allows you to exclude certain road types from a route. For more details, see Directions API.


  • The start_time request parameter is now optional. If start time is not set, the current time is used.
  • The mode field has been removed from the response.