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Interface of the class that controls the display of routes on the map.

	context: Context,
	routeEditor: RouteEditor,
	activeDisplayFlags: EnumSet?<RouteMapObjectDisplayFlag> = null,
	inactiveDisplayFlags: EnumSet?<RouteMapObjectDisplayFlag> = null,
	activeCalloutLabelFlags: EnumSet?<RouteMapObjectCalloutLabelFlag> = null,
	inactiveCalloutLabelFlags: EnumSet?<RouteMapObjectCalloutLabelFlag> = null,
	calloutLabelDisplayMode: RouteMapObjectCalloutLabelDisplayMode = RouteMapObjectCalloutLabelDisplayMode.ABSOLUTE_VALUES,
	activePermanentDisplayFlags: EnumSet?<RouteMapObjectPermanentDisplayFlag> = null,
	inactivePermanentDisplayFlags: EnumSet?<RouteMapObjectPermanentDisplayFlag> = null

Function to create IRouteEditorSource


Route objects on the map.

Settings for displaying maneuvers on the route.

Active route display flags. See IRouteMapObject::display_flags.

Display flags for inactive routes. See IRouteMapObject::display_flags.

Flags that enable the display of content in active route bubbles. See IRouteMapObject::callout_label_flags.

Flags that enable the display of content in bubbles of inactive routes. See IRouteMapObject::callout_label_flags.

Mode for displaying values in route bubbles. See IRouteMapObject::callout_label_display_mode.

Flags preventing active route components from being hidden from the map. See IRouteMapObject::permanent_display_flags.

Flags that prevent hiding components of inactive routes from the map. See IRouteMapObject::permanent_display_flags.