IMapView | iOS SDK | 2GIS Documentation


Map layer protocol.

(UIView & IMapGestureView)?

An additional layer placed over the entire map surface. Used for intercepting gestures. If you replace this layer with another, you must also implement the sending of map events through IMapEventProcessor. If nil is set, the built-in gesture processing will stop.

Set the active set of current style themes and the ability to switch themes automatically depending on the environment. If .automatic is selected, the card will switch to the selected theme pair based on the current display (light or dark). This feature has been available since iOS 13. If .universal is selected, only one active theme in any environment is used. This feature is available for iOS 13 or lower.

Whether to show the API version in copywriting. By default false.

Default is bottomRight.

Copywriter's indentation from map borders. The default is .zero. The safeAreaInsets of the map view are taken into account when positioning. Indentation values must not be negative.

((URL) -> ())?

Custom URL opening handler on tap to copywriting.