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Style Editor

The Style Editor allows customizing the map appearance to fit the purposes and the visual identity of applications and services utilizing the 2GIS API & SDK.

The Editor customizes the style layers of the map. Each style layer sets the appearance of an entire group of objects from the map data.

You can customize:

  • colors of objects — buildings, streets, parks, reservoirs, etc.;
  • object icons — metro and bus stations, airports, traffic lights, parking lots;
  • captions on the map — hide, show, or adjust the display density;
  • the display zoom of objects on the layer — e.g. show only icons of coffee shops or bus stops when the scale is small.

You can also hide layers with data that you don't need in the project.

2GIS map data are objects that consist of geometries and attributes. The map uses attributes to determine which style layer to assign an object to — when to display it and what color and size it should be. The Editor can alter these style layers and customize the map in the visual style of any service or application.

The finished project with styles is stored on the 2GIS backend. It can be linked to the MapGL JS API for web applications by ID. In the mobile SDK, styles are installed as a set of layers, icons, and fonts when the application is built.

Styles for MapGL JS API

Styles for Mobile SDK