CameraPurposeOptionSet | iOS SDK | 2GIS Documentation


public init(rawValue: UInt32)

Creates a new option set from the given raw value.


The raw value of the option set to create. Each bit of rawValue potentially represents an element of the option set, though raw values may include bits that are not defined as distinct values of the OptionSet type.


The corresponding value of the raw type.

Recording of exceeding the speed limit.

Recording of exceeding the average speed on the section.

Recording of movement on the dedicated lane for public transport.

Recording of crossing the solid line of road markings, driving on the side of the road.

Recording of passing at the forbidden signal of traffic lights.

Recording of driving over the stop line, driving without stopping the stop sign, driving to the intersection during a jam.

Recording driving in the oncoming lane.

Recording failure to give priority to pedestrians.

Recording of violation of lane rotation at the intersection.

Recording of violation of prohibition of stopping.

Platon system camera, truck restriction control camera.