MapOptions | iOS SDK | 2GIS Documentation


Initial map properties that can be set during its initialization. A property set to nil will not be applied, so the default value will be used.


The number of physical screen points in a line 2.54 cm long.

A multiplier that is calculated as the ratio of devicePPI to the device's base DPI. The multiplier value corresponds to the nativeScale of the target screen.

Camera location relative to the map.

Relative location of the map location point in the camera view space.

Boundaries of the map zoom.

Map data sources.


Simplified way to specify map data sources.


Initial map style with delayed loading. The style can be loaded using an IStyleFactory instance, see. Container.styleFactory'. Use Future.makeReadyValue(style)` if the style is already loaded.

Gesture processing layer factory. If nil, gestures are not processed until the IMapView.gestureView property is set.

Selection of a theme within the selected map style, taking into account the environment.

Maximum allowable map refresh frequency.

Maximum allowable map refresh frequency in energy saving mode.

Backgroud color for loading styles.

Map renderer type.

Initial settings set when creating map objects. The DPI is determined based on the main device screen (see DevicePpi.autodetected). If autodetected fails, DevicePpi.defaultForFailedAutodetection is used.