RouteMapObjectDisplayFlagOptionSet | iOS SDK | 2GIS Documentation


public init(rawValue: UInt32)

Creates a new option set from the given raw value.


The raw value of the option set to create. Each bit of rawValue potentially represents an element of the option set, though raw values may include bits that are not defined as distinct values of the OptionSet type.


The corresponding value of the raw type.

The start point of the route.

The end point of the route.

Intermediate Waypoints.

Connection points of route segments (except for routes on public transport). For example, a point at the junction point of a pedestrian and automobile segment.

Public transport stops.

Start and end of toll road.

Lane callouts (displayed only in source with navigation mode).

Lane callouts with travel time and route length.

Instructions in buildings. Move by elevator, escalator, etc.

Show parts of the route inside buildings not just for the active floor.