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Installing mobile SDK

Important note

All identifiers in this section are given for illustration purposes.

  1. Consider getting familiar with:

  2. Contact On-Premise technical support to get the necessary assets:

    • File with a key to enable SDK usage. When contacting support, specify the following:

      • Key must be configured to be used in the On-Premise mode.
      • Key App ID must be equal to the applicationId/bundleId of the map where the mobile SDK is connected.

      You can also request enabling wildcard in the key to use a cascaded App ID. For example, if wildcard in enabled in the key and the App ID is set to, this key enables using mobile SDK in applications whose applicationId/bundleId are equal to,,, and more.

    • vendor-config.jsonx configuration file with On-Premise services preset.

      This file contains service URLs and the key identifier from the API Keys service in the dgis/native-sdk/keys/user_web_api_key_for_on_premise field. Service users can set this identifier by themselves based on keys from the API Keys service.

  1. Install the mobile SDK by following the instructions:

  2. When initializing SDK in your application, connect vendor-config.jsonx by following the instructions: