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Preparation for installation

Before you start fetching installation artifacts:

To access the repository containing installation artifacts, you need an On-Premise license (see Keys and tokens).

  1. Fill the form on the website.

  2. Having received the license key, specify it in DGCLI configuration file.

The recommended infrastructure for running On-Premise services includes a public network and a private network. The table below describes an example of such an infrastructure with the and example.local domains. All the components must be deployed in a single Kubernetes cluster managed from the host.

Infrastructure component Who must have access Network type Domains used in the documentation
Artifacts delivery infrastructure The infrastructure administrator Public
Docker Registry for storing services' images DGCLI utility from the host Public
Artifacts storage DGCLI utility from the host Public
Services' frontends Applications and end users in the private network Private *
Services' backends Other services and storages from all pods in the Kubernetes cluster Private *.example.local
Data storages Other services and storages from all pods in the Kubernetes cluster Private *.storage.example.local


If you use Managed Kubernetes (Kubernetes as a Service) to deploy the product, make sure that access to the Docker registry is configured using the HTTPS protocol and a certificate signed by a trusted certification authority (for example, Let’s Encrypt).

A Helm chart from the On-Premise repository is used to install each product. You need to add this repository on the host from which the installation will be run. In the example described above, it is the host.

  1. Install the Helm package manager into the cluster. To do so, follow the official installation instructions.

  2. Add the repository containing the Helm charts.

    helm repo add 2gis-on-premise
    helm repo update
  3. Check that Helm and the repository are installed correctly by running:

    helm search repo 2gis-on-premise

    If the command output contains a non-empty list of charts, everything is set up correctly.

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