Demand | Urbi Pro | 2GIS Documentation


The Demand category provides information about search queries with selected filters.


To get started:

  1. Go to the Main or Data tab.
  2. Select the Demand category.
  3. Specify the Territory.
  4. Set the remaining filter parameters if necessary.

The data will be visualized on the map. Text results are available in the following variants:

  • Total count of requests.
  • Chart with the count of requests by category.
  • Count of requests by the hour.

To save this selection, click Create layer.

For the Demand category, the following filters are available:

  • Territories: country and city selection. You can select no more than 5 cities per country. There may also be restrictions depending on the prices. Required for selection.

  • Nearby: limiting the selection by territorial availability. Possible options:

    • Off: default value.
    • Radius: circle with a radius from 10 to 100000 m around a point on the map. The default value is 10000 m.
    • Path: area on the map that is accessible by car or on foot within 5 to 30 minutes. The default value is 15 min.

    To change the area, drag the center point to the necessary area of the map.

  • Edit categories: select categories of organizations. You can select multiple subcategories only within one category.

To reset the filter, click the cross icon next to the filter name. To reset all filters, click Reset filters at the bottom of the page.